Cybervine IT Solutions | Red Hat | Enterprise Solutions, Subscriptions, & ServicesUnix, and its many diverse expansions, essentially form the “backbone” of the Internet, with much of the core infrastructure operating on Unix or “Unix-like” systems of interconnected nodes. These Unix variations (Eg. BSD, Darwin, SunOS, Minix, Solaris) have grown to accommodate not only routing, processing, and transporting of critical packets, but also delivered a very popular and powerful operating system, namely GNU/Linux – an Open-Source, Unix-like Operating System based on the Linux Kernel.

The Linux Kernel has been adopted, packaged, and bundled into various Open-Source Linux Distributions (Eg. Red Hat, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Rasbian, Kali), IoT Applications, and Mobile Devices, but not solely; Linux is also used and maintained in numerous hardware and software components, embedded systems, and low-tier network infrastructure devices.

Cybervine has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience of Unix and Unix-like Operating Systems to provide the technical proficiency necessary for expanding your IT Business, Maintaining & Securing your IT Infrastructure, and delivering exceptional Linux Services & Solutions.

Whether it’s custom System/Application Integration, specific Enterprise Software Suite Setup & Configurations, Remote Server Assistance & Administration, tailor-made Custom Linux Solutions/Services, Linux Scripting & Automation, or stellar Linux Support Services for an existing environment, we are at the helm to assist on the wisest course of action.

As standard measure, you may want to ensure these minimum capabilities are met within your current Linux environment:
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  • Hardware and System Requirements

  • System Topology, Schematics, and Design

  • Disaster Recovery, Data Integrity, and Secure Backups

  • Ringfencing, VLAN’s, DMZ, and Public/Private Networks

  • Router/Switch Configuration, Administration, and Maintenance

  • Documentation, Procedures, and Change Control

  • Server Maintenance, Updates, and Upgrades

  • Diagnostics, Troubleshooting, and Root Cause Analysis

  • Network Latency, Ping, and Stress Tests

  • Application Installation, Configuration, and Testing

  • Service Performance, Uptime, and Monitoring

  • Scripting, Automation, and Orchestration


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