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Azure offers numerous services for ensuring that a business can implement the BCP/DR plan that best fits their needs. Whether starting from scratch or bolstering a currently implemented solution there is a lot of flexibility for data/service restoration options.

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Using Azure Site Recovery allows a business to have a predefined recovery plan ready to go in case of a disaster. Using the most recently synchronized data from the protected environment the automated playbooks will help to provision the new environment in Azure ensuring minimum downtime and no data loss.

Leveraging Azure Files and Azure Site Recovery can aid a business in protecting itself against the potential for massive data loss and/or service disruption. Although Azure Files can be leveraged for normal service operations it does make for a good data recovery candidate for BCP scenarios, especially when coupled with the Azure Backup Vault. Fine tuning these services to better fit the businesses expectation for their RTO and RPO will ensure that costs can be kept low whilst still ensuring the required environmental resiliency. These Azure cloud services make it very compelling for business to use these offerings within their current or future BCP plans.

Cybervine uses their extensive knowledge and experience to deliver these services in the most cost-effective and streamline manner, ensuring the maximum benefit at an affordable cost.


  • Enables a business to synchronize their data to an offsite location for backup purposes

  • Secures access to these offsite backups by limiting access to specific trusted networks

  • Transmits and stores data securely by ensuring data in flight and at rest is encrypted during transmission and when stored

  • Allows “point in time” recovery, which means clients can restore data from a specific time period

  • Provides a read only source of backup data from an alternative location

  • Enables an offsite, ready-to-go recovery environment for on-prem servers

  • Automates failover and provisioning of environment to help keep RTO to a minimum

  • Provides customizable synchronization intervals to align to expected RPOs

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